Did you say 544 million?


It is done. The last encounter in this long and exhausting but amazing raiding tier has been defeated. We will be going into farm mode and relax a bit while we get ready for the next patch.
See you all on the PTR and if you would like to be part of our Throne of Thunder progress send us an application trough our forums. We are always looking for excellent players that can improve our team.
Kill video:
Sha of Fear Heroic (uploaded by Grimxx)

Going Deep


A very satisfying finish to the first instance of this tier with a realm first and a relatively painless kill that only took around two dozen attempts. Already stocking up on bug repellant in anticipation of Heart of Fear hard modes.

Azeroth saved, bring on the pandas!


The downfall of Deathwing marks the final chapter of the Cataclysm expansion and we managed to end it on a high note with a realm first kill. Job well done to our raiding team who put a lot of effort to make this happen. We can now relax and get ready to sail for Panda land.